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School Employees' Retirement System (SERS) Plan 3. SERS Plan 3 has two parts: pension and investment. Your employer contributes to your pension, and you contribute to the investment account. When you meet plan requirements and retire, you are guaranteed a monthly benefit for the rest of your life from the employer-funded pension..

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You need 5 or more years of service to qualify for a retirement with PSERS Plan 2. Full retirement age is 65. You can also choose to retire as early as age 53, but your benefit could be reduced depending on your total years of service. You need 5 years of service. With PSERS Plan 2, you need five years of service to qualify for a retirement..

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Dec 13, 2019 . The Washington Retirement System, managed by the Department of Retirement Systems (DRS), is a somewhat sprawling collection of retirement plans. While all systems are primarily defined benefit plans, many plans introduced a defined contribution portion for members hired more recently in order to supplement what the employers and pension fund will have to ....

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to 2.2 percent of FAS, multiplied by the first 30 years of service plus 2.5 percent of FAS for each year, or partial year for service credit over 30. For members in Group C, the retirement benefit calculated under the Traditional Pension Plan consists of an annual lifetime allowance equal to 2.2 percent of FAS, multiplied by the first 35 years.

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Option 3 - Joint Life 50% Survivorship: Your annuity is reduced less than under Option 2, but your survivor receives only 50 percent of your monthly annuity payment when you die. Option 4 - Joint Life 66 2/3 Survivorship: Your annuity is reduced; and your survivor receives 66-2/3 percent of the amount at your death..

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1.3 Authority. As directed by the Associate Administrator, the Office of the Chief Financial Officer (OCFO) is the owner of programmatic standards and policies, as well as the steward of programmatic capabilities, where the term "programmatic" in this handbook refers to program management, resource analysis, scheduling, cost estimation, and independent assessment ....

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The majority of school nurses working in the public school system are eligible for defined-benefit pension plans, which are post-retirement payouts determined by a formula rather than by investment returns. Most states require school nurses to pay a portion of their salary into the pension plan, but pension funds are managed by the state..